The Ghibli Blog Animation Poll Results (Master List)

The Ghibli Blog 2014 2015 Animation Poll Results (Master List)

Rankings I: 01-50
Rankings II: 51-100
Rankings III: 101-150
Rankings IV: 151-200
Rankings V: 201-254

Here are the complete links to all 254 Entries, in five installments.

Voters submitted a list of their Top 20 animation movies, shorts and TV series, and ranked by a 20-point scale (#1 = 20 pts, #2 = 19 pts). In the event of a points tie, votes will decide. Where points and votes tie, entires are listed alphabetically.

Much thanks to everyone around the world who participated in this wonderful celebration of animation.

My author's Notes follow after the jump:

Author's Notes:

A few notes before I begin posting the final rankings. First, obviously, my deep thanks to everyone for participating in this movie poll of the greatest animated movies. I bring you these fifteen, whoops...these ten, ten commandments!

I compiled the vote results two or three different times. The first attempt, a straight vote for each entry, was unsatisfying in its results. As you would expect from a site called Ghibli Blog, all the top entries were Studio Ghibli movies, and all of the more interesting titles were left behind, buried somewhere in the back. This was unsatisfying for me, almost defeating the point of conducting a movie poll, and I believe you would feel the same.

Trying again, I included a "points" system. Everyone submitted a list of their 20 favorite animated movies and TV shows; under the points system, the 1st Place would earn 20 points, 2nd Place would earn 19 points, and so on. This resulted in a much more satisfying final result. Yes, Studio Ghibli dominates the very top, and that's to be expected, given the voting pool and sample size. But once you dig down, the rankings become much more interesting. The most interesting things in life nearly always lie just off the beaten path, hiding just slightly in the weeds.

Oh, and did I mention everything was done by hand? I couldn't find a software program anywhere, which frustrated the hell out of me, because it's such a brain-dead simple thing to program. I've even toyed with writing something in BASIC on an Atari 8-bit computer. Also, since we're on this rant, a big thumbs DOWN to Apple's Numbers spreadsheet, which not only has trouble listing items in the correct order, cannot also alphabetize by points and votes.

Because of the large number of entries in this final poll, I am breaking the final results into several posts. This post will serve as the master list for all entries. The rankings are based on Points, but Votes are also included. Ties in number of Points were decided by number of Votes. Ties in both Points and Votes are listed alphabetically, but they really are ties. Once we get down past #100, tie scores begin to dominate, and there's really no solution to that. Believe me, I've racked my brain searching for one.

In the end, I'm reminded of those words from MST3K, "If you're wondering how he eats and breathes, and other science facts...just repeat to yourself, 'It's just a show, I should really just relax.'" This is just a parlor game among friends, a way to entertain ourselves and laugh together and share common interests.


Blood Muffin said...

Yeah! I am very excited to see the results from this poll. My sister and i both made our own lists and speculated which films would make it into the top 20. Last year there were long periods of time where nothing was being posted on the website and as a result I lost interest or gave up on waiting so I'm glad to see that the wait is almost over. Thanks!

frbrown said...

Thanks for running this!

Any chance you'll post your own list?

Unknown said...

Do you that the picture you used is from a Russian cartoon 'Hedgehog in the Fog'? It was a surprise to see and old Soviet cartoon while googling anime.

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