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Here are a selection of "greatest hits" from the archives of Ghibli Blog. These essays discuss the works of Studio Ghibli, animation and the movies.

2006 A Primer on the Disney Deal, or Fat Chance 
2006 Castle in the Sky: A Tale of Two DVD Covers
2006 Lupin, La Dolce Vita and the Title Sequence
2006 Opening Shots: Horus, Prince of the Sun 
2006 Reconsidering The Cat Returns
2006 Thoughts on Hayao Miyazaki's Narrative Style
2006 Why Horus Matters

2007 Reiko Okuyama Has Passed Away
2007 Takahata Isao's Objective Style (Pt.I - VIII)
2007 The Heroine Image in Anime (by Minako Saitou)
2007 Totoro is Not the God of Death

2008 It's Not Prince Valiant, Ya Jerks
2008 Pixar, Wall-E and Rubber Soul
2008 Requiem and Gravitas in Castle in the Sky 
2008 Seinfeld With Guns

2009 15 More Observations About Ponyo
2009 Everyone Has Their Reasons: Nausicaa's Title Sequence
2009 Gauche and the Galactic Railroad
2009 Got to Get Ourselves Back to the Garden
2009 Hot Chocolate With Honey
2009 Love and Theft and Goro-San
2009 Miyazaki and America: Separated by a Common Language
2009 Ponyo Floods the Pangea Room 
2009 Ponyo "Tweaked" - Didn't That Movie Use to Have a War in It?

2010 A Look at Miyazaki's "Pig House" - The Nibariki Office
2010 Satoshi Kon Dead After Battle With Cancer

2011 Earthsea, Horus and Ghibli at the Crossroads 
2011 Future Boy Conan - Blogathon 
2011 "It Didn't Have Enough Toys"
2011 The History on Miyazaki's Mononoke Book
2011 What's the Deal With the Disney Princesses?

2012 Ghibli Blog Rankings - The 50 Greatest Movies
2012 Lupin III Series One - DVD Cover and Features

2013 Feeling Conflicted Over Poppy Hill

2014 Dead on Arrival - The End of Miyazaki in America?
2014 Disney's Frozen is a Lock for the Animated Feature Oscar

2015 Ghibli Blog Animation Poll: Master List
2015 Miyazaki Meets Kurosawa: The 1993 Broadcast (w/Transcripts)
2015 My Oscar Night Impressions
2015 What is Going to Happen to Pixar?

2016 50 Great Movies, 2016 Edition

2017 Totoro is Still Not the God of Death
2017 Warriors of the Wind: Tales From the Overlook Hotel
2017 Horus, Prince of the Sun Blu-Ray (Press Release)

2018 The Duality of Marco and Porco Rosso
2018 The Films of Isao Takahata, Part I
2018 The Continuing Adventures of Bungalow Bill

2019 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother: The Complete Playlist

2020 Hayao Miyazaki: From Horus to Ghibli

Miyazaki Manga

1969 People of the Desert (Sabaku no Tami)
1969 Puss in Boots
1971 Animal Treasure Island
1980 Mononoke Hime
1983 Imouto He (For My Sister)
1983 The Journey of Shuna (Shuna no Tabi)
1989 L'Ère des hydravions (Porco Rosso, French)
1989 The Age of the Flying Boat (Porco Rosso)
1989 Tree
1993 A Middle Aged Man Runs Towards the Wasteland
1994 Air Meal
1994 The Return of Hans
2006 A Trip to Tynemouth


1983 Hayao Miyazaki Image Boards
1993 Animerica, Miyazaki and Crimson Pig (magazine)
2006 The Night of Tamayamagahara (art book)
2007 Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind: Watercolor Impressions
2008 Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea (japan press book)
2009 My Neighbors the Yamadas (comic, french)
2009 Hayao Miyazaki Starting Point 1979-1996
2009 The Art of Ponyo
2010 Studio Ghibli Book List 2010
2012 The Art of The Secret World of Arrietty
2014 Princess Mononoke: The First Story
2015 My Vecino Miyazaki
2015 Pippi Longstockings (That Never Saw the Light of Day)
2015 Ghibli Museum Sketching Set: Miyazaki Teaches You How To Paint
2016 Antes De Mi Vecino Miyazaki (Sample Photos)
2017 The Art of Castle in the Sky

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J.R.D.S. said...

1 thing: that French title should be "L'Ère des hydravions", not what you've currently got there.

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