Kazuo Oga Background Art Exhibition

The Studio Ghibli Weblog in Spain brings this terrific Youtube video to our attention - a collection of Studio Ghibli's Kazuo Oga's background artwork.  This probably comes from the Kazuo Oga Exhibition DVD and Blu-Ray that was released in Japan.  Diehard Ghibli fans should pick up the Blu-Ray, which includes a documentary as well as an extensive art gallery in glorious 1080p.*

Thanks to Youtube allowing for longer videos, we're able to take advantage with longer-form presentations such as this.  All the songs played in this video hail from Ghibli films.  Let's see if you can guess them all.  Enjoy!

(*Just so you know, Samsung is already showing off their massive 4K resolution TVs.  No doubt these sets will become available to the public, ah...right around the time we finish buying all our movies on BD.  Don't ya just love the consumer electronics scam?)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Samsung with their 63-inch set, and Sony with their 56-inch set. Although these announcements are old (2008 and 2009) I have no doubt that those models will hit the street soon (and would have hit the street sooner, if not for the now stillborn home and theater 3D wave of 2010).

I guess I'll quit buying Blu-rays for now, or at least wait for NHK's 7K system to come out on some kind of home delivery system... :) Finally I'll be able to enjoy near-35mm film quality at home without having to build a 35mm screening room in my house! (Neither Blu-ray nor theatrical D-Cinema comes close.)


Anonymous said...

Ghibli's digital films are barely over 1080p. They're produced at 2010x1086. Compare that to 1920x1080. Spirited Away and after won't be able to benefit from higher resolutions, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

I keep forgetting that most people don't have access to 4K digital movie content (my day job is installing and servicing 2K and 4K projectors in movie theaters). Of course presently there is no 4K format for the consumer. But theaters are now beginning to install this, and I suspect that there will be some kind of 4K consumer format in the next few years.

Yeah, Sen's original digital master was 2010x1086, which was trimmed to 1920x1080 for the 1080p24 master. Since the original scanned drawings are long gone, I don't know if that 2010x1086 master could be upres'ed with good enough quality to 3996x2160, the DCI (Disney is a partner in DCI) 4K spec for 1.85AR cinema.

As for that Oga Art Blu-ray, I have it and it is beautiful. In addition to the several documentaries on the disc, there is a 1080p gallery of all of the pieces that were in the exhibition. You have the option to directly access any image in the gallery, or view the entire gallery in "slideshow" mode. It looks like that's where the visuals for that Spanish Youtube came from.

I also have the museum catalog from that exhibition - another great way to look at Oga's work, short of actually being at the exhibition.


Cory Gross said...

The Oga documentary is one of my prime examples of what would have made a fantastic bonus feature for a DVD like Totoro. And the Ghibli Museum doc... and the Scenery of Ghibli doc... And Iblard Jikan...

Ghibli said...

Speaking of this gallery, I've extracted it from the BD (all 640 images + menus) and it is a part of "The Art of Studio Ghibli and pre-Ghibli" at BBT.

PS.: It's good to see you back with us, Daniel. Will there be a continuation to the Future Boy Conan marathon?

Marc said...

Man that's just so cool and even better that like you said YouTube allowed for the whole video to be posted.

Like a handheld trip down Ghibli memory road...too bad they laid the Howl music over the underwhelming Earthsea backgrounds. Eh they're still gorgeous:)

Awesome, thanks for posting this!!

foo9883 said...

oh, i had a director account before youtube was bought over by google. but since the start of this year most people would haven been allowed to upload video of unlimited length anyway.

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