The Ponyo Blu-Ray in Germany

This is fascinating.  We are looking at the Ponyo Blu-Ray that was released on March 18 in Germany.  Note how they're using the same art design as the rest of Ghibli's BDs in Japan.  I've wondered if Studio Ghibli would redesign their Ponyo cover in keeping with the other films.  This looks very nice; I wouldn't at all be surprised if Ghibli brought this cover design back home.

I'm sure there are a few die-hard collectors who just have to have the complete Ghibli Blu-Ray library from Japan, so if that describes you, I'm sure you'll be thrilled by this German release.  And it's a thrill to see the stylized Japanese covers appear in other countries.  Now if we could only have the equally impressive cardboard covers, instead of the crummy (and ocean-destroying) plastic cases, we'll really be making progress.  Do it for the Macho Man, I say!*

(* No, I really have no idea what any of this has to do with "Macho Man" Randy Savage.  But he was a hero and icon to my generation, and he will be very sorely missed.)


Helen91 said...

they couldn't have picked a better still image to use as the cover :D I LOVE IT!

Heiner said...

NausicaƤ and Laputa were released here in Germany aswell in the same style. Also they are Cardboxcovers aswell.

Daniel said...

Are the German Ghibli Blu-rays region locked?

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