Hayao Miyazaki Discusses His Next Feature Film

At Monday's press conference for Kokuriko-Zaka Kara, Hayao Miyazaki discussed the movie's theme song, Sayonara no Natsu, and reveals details into the pre-production of his next feature film.  If Ghibli is still following their "Five-Year Plan," then Miyazaki-san's following movie will be in production for two years, and be released in 2013.

I'm going to let T. Ishikawa describe what Miyazaki-san had to say.  Take it away:

According to Hayao Miyazaki, when he listened to Ryoko Moriyama's CD by chance.
he thought "Oh, the theme song was completed."

Miyazaki says "Because my script was two months late behind a plan, the production is the severe situation."

Yukiko Marimura(the song lyricist) says "I saw the trailer. My heart is filled with emotion." (kokuriko-zaka trailer seems to be released soon.)

Miyazaki says "In fact, I have alredy begun the next (feature film) preparations.
I think I can stick out my chest 'The plan does not have to change it at all'(by this disaster) I intend to push forward this plan."  Miyazaki talks about the fantasy, game, and The Hobbit. but I cannot translate it.

Anyway, according to Miyazaki, his next film is not a fantasy, but draws a life-sized human.

And Suzuki revailed that Studio Ghibli put Miyazaki's next film main staff member into Kokuriko-zaka production because now is emergency. Ghibli puts computers to the cafe for breaks of the first floor, and gathers the staff from the outside.


Bernhard C. Moffitt said...

"Miyazaki talks about the fantasy, game, and The Hobbit. but I cannot translate it."

Great. Just great. Now you've made me fantasize about an animated The Hobbit movie by Hayao Miyazaki AND made me depressed that I will never see such glory.

(And I'm well aware of the animated Hobbit film that's out there. I'm talking about a 21st Studio Ghibli Hayao Miyazaki Hobbit film here.)

Unknown said...

thank you for sharing!
I really wonder what Miyazaki might have said... I wish we could find more info in English.

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