Happy 5th Birthday, Ghibli Blog!

Ghibli Blog 5th Birthday

Happy birthday!  The Ghibli Blog turns five years old today!  March 29, 2006 was my first post on this humble blog, and it's been a long and wild roller coaster ever since.  I am very thankful and humbled for your support and dedication.  The level of success I've achieved would never be possible without you.  This project has been a learning experience for us all, as we explore this unique slice of movie history and the visual arts.  The beautiful part is that we have only scratched the surface of all the possible topics to discuss and share, all the movies to watch, and all the comics to read.  Carly Simon was right - these are the good old days.  Cake for everyone!

And since I'm a child of the '70s, here's a classic Sesame Street tribute to the number 5.  I was probably five years old when I saw this:


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ghibli Blog! Keep up the excellent work, Daniel. :D

Marc said...

Happy 5th Birthday. So glad I found your blog. You really write amazing posts and each is a joy to read.

Best of luck in the future:)

P.S. You've got one more avid fan now!

Hanna said...

Sending some, "And five fancy fruit cakes!!!!!!!" your way!!

Boris Stroszek said...

Congratulations! For the past year, since I found it, your blog has been one of my favorite blogs. Always interesting and fun to visit here. I wouldn't know half the stuff about Ghibli and animation history in general if it wasn't for your efforts on the Ghibli Blog. Thanks for sharing your information and insights!

All the best,
Tuukka (Finland)

Blasko said...

Happy Birthday. 5 with hopefully 95 more to come. Wonderful reporting and commentary on Ghibli! Reading this blog always makes my day.

Álvaro López Martín said...

Congratulations! There is always comforting blogs like yours.

For many years. Ghibli ... and blog.

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