Tales From Earthsea - The US Trailer

Here is the US trailer for Tales From Earthsea.  The narration is somewhat sparse, but the footage is quite excellent.  I actually think this works quite well, much closer to the Japanese style than the typically loud American approach.

I'm looking forward to seeing Earthsea on the big screen, and I'm especially curious to know what first-time viewers have to say.  I was never a fan of Goro Miyazaki's first directorial film, and I've only watched it once, but perhaps my attitude has softened over time.  Either that, or I'll be crankier than ever.  I still can't believe Goro stole so much from his father's legacy.

But, hey, it's Ghibli in theatres.  This is an event, and I want Earthsea to be successful.  More importantly, I want to see more movies, like Arriety, brought to these shores.  Hollywood only understands support in terms of dollars, so we need to turn out and vote with our wallets.

Enjoy the trailer!


darren-s said...

I haven't seen this yet. But you and people I've talked to who have seen it say it's so-so. I wonder if it's a good idea to release a mediocre Ghibli film in theatres.
It's hard enough getting the general public to see Miyazaki Sr's films when they are released. If a regular person (not a Ghibli freak) decides to give this a chance and ends up not liking it then they will be that much less likely to see a better Ghibli film in the future.
Although, I agree with you that it's nice to see more Ghibli films given a theatrical release in North America. I'm going see it.

Anonymous said...

Certainly planning on seeing it myself in a theater. Don't know if any screens in 'Vegas will get this limited release, but these days I'm mostly in SoCal anyway. I was at the Landmark at Westside Pavillion the other day on a projection service call, and they were showing this trailer on at least one of their 12 screens. Yatta!

TM said...

Frankly, having seen this when I was overseas in Japan, I was not impressed with it - mostly due to the fact that Goro took too many liberties with the established material set forth by the original books. Its a entertaining movie, don't get me wrong, heck it is an 'okay' Ghibli production, but the characters do things they would never do in the books. Those that are not familiar with the book series will find something to like about it, but like you seem to imply, Goro borrows too much from previous works of his father's legacy in his first directorial film. In the end the film leaves the viewer feeling as if there is something missing. Sadly that something is originality and quality of story telling. This is not at all like Howl's Castle, it does not improve upon the original book.

Sean L. said...

I'm curious about this one. I'll definitely go see it if I can get to a theater that shows it, and I'll give it a fair shake despite the criticism I've read about it. The music sounds lovely at least!

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