Ni no Kuni is Coming to Playstation 3

Ni no Kuni (Another World), for those are don't know, is a video game developed by Level 5, in conjunction with Studio Ghibli.  Ghibli's staff has worked on the character designs, as well as extensive animation scenes for the game.  Originally intended solely for Nintendo DS, the game is now headed for the Playstation 3 later this year.  The surprise announcement was made at the recent E3 show in L.A.

This new trailer is surprisingly short on Ghibli's animated sequences, and instead largely focuses on the in-game graphics, which are intended to copy that anime style very closely.  The "cel shaded" style has been around for a decade (it was pioneered on our beloved Sega Dreamcast), and looks superb.

Ghibli Freaks are going to be much more interested in this PS3 version, if only because we'll get to see the studio's excellent work on a larger screen.  This should really look amazing on a big plasma set.  I still think the look of Ni no Kuni is a bit generic, more of a stereotypical "Ghibli" design than anything really unique.  But we must remind ourselves that this is, essentially, a contract job for the studio.  Level 5 are the ones in charge.

To be completely honest, I never had much interest in this game.  The PS3 announcement is a nice surprise, and even if I'm interested in the animation and the character designs, I'm still not all that thrilled for the game.  Arriety remains far more compelling to my eyes.  That said, I will keep an open mind and hope for the best.  Let's hope Level 5 and Ghibli can create something memorable.


Sean L. said...

I'm not into video games; I just want to see Ghibli's animation for Ni no Kuni! It looks gorgeous. The world they created looks beautiful. I wish they would make a movie of it instead of a stupid video game, haha.

Cory Gross said...

I have neither a DS nor a PS3, but I am kind of excited for this insofar as it expands the types of media that Ghibli is getting into. Films and manga are one thing. Visiting the Ghibli Museum was an incredible tactile experience that I suppose one could also characterize as a "generic Ghibli design". For them to dive into the aether of interactive media is pretty cool. Right now, I'm at a point in my Ghibli fandom where I'll go to, play or watch anything with a studio connection, even a documentary on some city's canals.

Jacob said...

You really ought not to disregard this game.

I've tried the demo for the DS version and it is fantastically fun to play.

The gameplay is generic but that doesn't mean it won't entertain. I was simply a joy to walk around in that world and talk to people even though my Japanese is quite bad.

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