The Art of Ponyo Released in US Today

In addition to Miyazaki's memoirs, Starting Point 1979-1996, The Art of Ponyo is now available today. I'm a great fan of the Studio Ghibl Art books, and always find myself tearing through every one of them. Hmm...which reminds me, I really need to import the art books for Nausicaa and Omohide Poro Poro...

I borrowed these wonderful photos from Halycon Dreams, which wrote about the original Japanese release of the Ponyo book. As you can see, the illustrations and artwork is just magnificent. We'll see character sketches and storyboard ideas as they progress to the final film, with insights by Miyazaki and the Ghibl staff.

You can order the Ponyo book from Amazon here.

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Steve Spiegel said...

Daniel, I saw this at Borders, and I skimmed through, but will not buy until after I've seen the film. I want a fresh slate, and I knew if I bought the book right then, I would have ripped through so fast that the film would be ruined. Tempting, but I ordered Starting Points.

Speaking of which, have you read Michael Barrier's Hollywood Cartoons?

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