Deep Thought

I've been listening to the local public-radio indie music station here in Minneapolis, The Current, and I'm struck by all the great music that's being made today. We've suffered through the worst decade in pop music, but, at long last, the music is good again.

Now we need the next St. Cobain to topple down this phony empire of American Idol wannabees and Disney Pop Tarts. Overthrow 'em all!


darren-s said...

I couldn't agree more Mr MacInnes

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Here's the link to MPR's The Current. You can listen to the online stream. For Minnesotans, this station is a throwback to the hallowed Rev-105. You'll hear all styles of music, new and old, rock, pop, hiphop, alternative, everything.

The new sound emerging reminds me a lot of Brian Wilson and The Byrds and the Summer of Love. It's a cheerful contrast to the Republican mob violence we're dealing with right now. There's also a strong psychedelic element to this music, as well, and I'm very curious to know why that is. Salvia Divinorum can't be that popular.

Anonymous said...

I don't expect to hear from another musical great in my lifetime. Elvis, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Tupac... today's generation will never match that level of talent. Oh sure, there'll be good (not great) indie singers but they'll never make it in today's flashy crapfest industry.

And quit it with the political jabs! Just look who's in charge of screwing up the country now.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

I wasn't making any political jabs in this post. The ones responsible for screwing you over today are the same ones who have always been screwing you over. The name of the game is wealth and power, and it has always been thus. Follow the money, as Deep Throat said.

As far as great music goes, why not? Greatness can come from anyone. I never dreamed in the mid-'80s that Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Public Enemy were just around the corner. I just believed hair metal and rock ballads were a permanent way of life. These things change. You only need to be receptive to the moments as they pass. And much of the great art will not fall into your lap; you're going to have to dig for it.

Anonymous said...

Jeez if you're going to edit your posts leave it at that. Don't deny something you had posted up.

I just look at the trend. For the 2000's, it was the age of freakin' American Idol, Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake and celebrity sluts. So sad. To think these hacks are considered at the top of the music industry is beyond criminal. I have no faith in a generation who subscribes to such drivel.

BionicVapourDude said...

Michael Jackson was a poor man's Prince.


Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

It may seem hard to believe now, but Michael Jackson in his prime - Off the Wall, Thriller - was spectacular. He earned his success, and it was amazing to see. He was the only pop music figure from my lifetime that you could compare to Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

Go put on those albums and listen to them. Really spectacular music. It's such a tragedy what happened to Michael. That level of worldwide fame will crush anyone. Thankfully, the music and the performance is what will remain.

Prince, of course, is Prince. And Michael Jackson is Michael Jackson. They are both originals whose likes we will never see again.

Oh, and did you know Prince moved back to Minnesota? I do hope the all-night parties at Paisley Park return. Those were the stuff of legend.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget WFMU - - Probably the finest radio station in the world. As for music, I'll stick with Popol Vuh and Roy Harper.


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