Up Poll is Closed

The Up poll is closed, and everybody here seems to love it. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm going to this weekend. I may just see it tonight when the light rail drops me off at the Mall of America after work.

One interesting note about Pixar's newest feature is that critical reviews are coming almost exlusively from animation websites like Michael Sporn, Michael Barrier, and Mark Mayerson. Theirs was not merely negative, but a more nuanced, balanced criticism, and that's something I honestly prefer to the heaping praises from most of the press.

Mind you, I still haven't seen Up, and, as always, I'm hoping Pixar's newest movie is their best to date. And there's no question the studio leads the animation pack in Hollywood. But I don't think we're being served when movie critics behave like Die Hard Gamefan. These are not newborn babies. These are movies, and as Pauline Kael loved to say, great movies are rarely perfect movies.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for participating. Oh, and kudos for whoever voted for the pie. Heh heh.


Malik Ming said...

Michael Barrier's reviews are always the ones I anticipate most. At first I was furious that he all but hated Pixar (except for Brad Bird's films). Gradually, though, I began to appreciate his criticisms, even though I hardly agree with them. He makes me think harder about what I'm watching, and isn't that what all film critics should do?

Chris Sobieniak said...

I hope you enjoy it. I felt it was worth the $11.75 or so I had to pay for the RealD presentation.

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