Posters - My Neighbors the Yamadas

Here is the French movie poster for My Neighbors the Yamadas. This is really, really terrific. It might be the best of all the Yamadas posters, thanks to its warm, saturated color tones and dynamic action. This scene depicted is from that brilliant wedding sequence at the beginning of the film. It is so wonderfully lyrical and playful, imaginative with language, but in a purely visual fashion, and without the taint of cynicism or hipster satire. This is an earnest movie, not a mockery.
My Neighbors the Yamadas deserves a larger following in the West. Perhaps the fact that it was released in the US under the Disney label threw people off. The English dub certainly didn't help, as Disney tried to shoehorn Takahata's movie into an American sitcom. Bleh. Just stick to the original Japanese soundtrack and a book of zen poems and you'll be fine.

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