Your Evening Looney Tunes Fix

(Update: This video has since been removed from Youtube.  Sorry.)

I seriously think the Looney Tunes theme song should be our national anthem. Isn't this so much better than "The Star Spangled Banner?" Do any of you even know what a "spangled" is? And who can hit all those high notes? No, Looney Tunes is the better choice. It's short and to the point, it's catchy, you can sing along to all the notes, and while it makes you think of cartoon violence, that's a hell of a lot better than "the bombs bursting in air."

And you wonder why the American Empire is always dropping bombs on half the world. If Looney Tunes were our national anthem, we'd be too busy laughing and having fun to start any stupid useless wars. Seriously, who doesn't love this song? Usama Bin Laden, that's who.

So, doc, the question remains - are you with Bugs Bunny, or are you with the terr'ists?

Oh, btw, here's your evening Bugs Bunny fix. This is the one with the circus bear. Which is completely different from the one with the circus lion. Like you care. You'll laugh your head off either way.

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