ADV Gets Grave of the Fireflies

ADV Nation just reported that ADV has just grabbed a number of anime titles from the Central Park Media library. Included in this lineup...Grave of the Fireflies!!

Central Park Media has gone into Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which means liquidation. Its assets will be sold off to other parties.

Grave of the Fireflies will be released July 7. I'm impressed. That's very quick. There's no word if the upcoming ADV release will be different in any way from the old CPM 2-disc release. Given the short time frame, I'd guess not. But we shall soon find out in any event.

This is a great surprise to me, since I've been worried that the rights to the film would revert to Disney in the wake of CPM's death. It wasn't included in the titles for the Ghibli/Disney distribution deal a decade ago, but last year Hotaru no Haka was released on the Ghibli ga Ippai label in Japan. Disney handles the distribution of the DVD's and Blu-Rays over there as well as here, so I've wondered if that meant they got the movie in the US.

Thankfully, that appears not to be the case. And that means we'll be able to see Grave of the Fireflies on store shelves again very, very soon. Now we just need ADV to pick up Night on the Galactic Railroad, and all will be well with the cosmos.


Malik Ming said...

Hooray! Now I can finally get my own copy of Grave of the Fireflies...and not watch for years to come.

asuka said...

very good news - thank you!
i do hope that ADV or someone else also remembers to release the other gems from CPM's catalogue, like project a-ko and the patlabor OVA, in their haste to release nonsense like now and then, here and there!

asuka said...

and night on the galactic railroad, as you say...

Doug said...

That is very good news. Then i can dump my horrifying copy for a real one. Here's to hoping they give it some nice bonus features as well!

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

CPM's 2-disc set was excellent. I think it was the best of all the Ghibli DVDs to be released in the US, and a textbook example of how to treat these films.

I'm looking forward to ADV's release in July. Will it merely be a repackaging of the old version? Possibly, but that wouldn't be a bad thing.

Also, don't forget Grave of the Fireflies is now available on Japan's Ghibli ga Ippai label. English subtitles are included on that disc, and I would also expect the dubbed version to be there as well. Ghibli has always been very generous in this regard; perhaps they have an eye towards importers?

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