Ghiblies Episode 2

Back to business. Here's Studio Ghibli's 2002 short film, Ghiblies Episode 2. This appeared as the opening act of the double bill with Neko no Ongaeshi, aka The Cat Returns. Both films are included on the Japanese DVD, which will really roil those of you who bought the US Disney DVD. Why Ghiblies 1 wasn't included on the disc when it was perfectly available and ready to roll is a mystery.

Anyway, watch and enjoy. One of my favorites from Ghibli.


Anonymous said...

Definitely one of my favs too. I LOVE the animation in the 'spicy curry' skit.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

The curry shop segment is a favorite of mine, too. I think it's the best after the story of first loves. It's really terrific fun, full of classic cartoon gags, loaded with color and details.

This is exactly what I'm talking about when I write or talk about the vast potential computer animation still holds out for us. Instead of merely copying the Pixar paradigm - which, let's face it, will never be bested by anyone else, thank goodness - why not find new forms of expression with CGI?

I'm also endlessly amused at how Toshio Suzuki is depicted as this cruel sadistic boss who takes a perverse joy in pushing the Ghibli staff around.

And has anybody noticed that somebody important is missing? We have Suzuki...we have Takahata...

darren-s said...

I enjoyed these so much. Thanks for posting them.

Yes, there does seem to be someone from Ghibli missing in these...

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