Ghiblies (1999) - The First One

Thanks to (edit: DailyMotion), here is the original 1999 Ghiblies short from Studio Ghibli. This little film, a loose collection of short segments based around a spoof of the famed studio. It was created for television as a creative outlet for the younger members of the studio, free from the shackles of working on a Miyazaki or Takahata feature film. It's very short - about 12 minutes long - but very enjoyable. Ghiblies Episode 2, naturally, completely blows it away, but that's to be expected.

I was surprised that the original Ghiblies (pronounced gee-bleez) was not included on the Ghibli Short Short DVD. The only official release remains a long out-of-print laserdisk. Strange, but maybe the studio just wanted to give the hardcore fans something to search for. Enjoy!

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