Arrietty the Borrower in US Theaters This Year, Voice Cast Announced

Yes!  Karigurashi no Arrietty will open in US theaters this year.  The news comes from producer Frank Marshall, who served as the American producer for Ponyo in 2008.  The movie's official US title will be Arrietty the Borrower.

The voice cast for Arietty has also been announced by Mr. Marshall.  The lead is being played by Bridgit Mendler, whose recording sessions began this past weekend.  Playing the parents are Will Arnett and Amy Poehler.  Their recording sessions began yesterday.  Finally, David Henrie and Carol Burnett - yes, Carol Burnett! - will be voicing the human "beans," as Marshall describes.

A final release date has yet to be set, but we should assume a late August release, in keeping with Ponyo and Tales From Earthsea.  I also expect more publicity to arise in March, with the release of Earthsea on DVD and Nausicaa on Blu-Ray.

The Ghibli Blog will keep everyone updated on any major developments as they arise...and whenever I can actually spare 15 minutes to write the post.


YetAnotherUnreadBlogger said...

Hmm, I wonder if this opens up a chance for a UK release too. I hope so.

Zachary Krodel said...

Man, I started freaking out when I saw the title of this post. You almost gave me a heart attack.

Now we just have to painfully wait many more months before its release........ :(

Heinz Freyhofer said...


Anonymous said...

We now know what the Castle in the Sky BD will be come out with

Unknown said...

I'I'llll be sorely disappointed if this is handled any way similar to the Earthsea release in the US. I couldn't even find any showtimes anywhere in Los Angeles.

watkinzez said...

Gob and Mrs Gob reuniting as husband and wife? Nice. :P

Anonymous said...

Oh I am So Happy to hear this! I think this is a good sign for both Disney and Ghibli!

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