The Last Unicorn on Blu-Ray/DVD Combo February 22

The Last Unicorn on Blu-Ray/DVD Combo

The 1982 cult animated classic, The Last Unicorn, will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD.  Animation fans are eagerly looking forward to this movie, which should look spectacular in high-definition.  Peter S. Beagle, the author of the original novel, has recorded a commentary track for the picture, which should be an exciting addition for fans.  I'm definitely looking forward to hearing his insights.

The Blu-Ray also includes a making-of featurette, which could prove especially thrilling for Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli fans.  As everyone now knows, Japan's Topcraft studio was commissioned to animate The Last Unicorn; the quality of the project impressed Miyazaki enough that he hired them for his film adaptation of Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind, bringing along his top lieutenants from Telecom and longtime partner Isao Takahata.

The success of Nausicaa led to the creation of Studio Ghibli in 1985.  Many people have remarked that Ghibli was really Topcraft with a new name, as most of the artists were brought into the fold.  As such, The Last Unicorn is today regarded as a proto-Ghibli production.

Of course, this movie has greatness in its own right, and deserves a place in your movie library regardless of what happened to the painters and animators.  It's a thoughtful story, willing to embrace the conventions of Western fairy tales even while it deconstructs them.  There is an undercurrent of sorrow, the loss of a magical world as a child grows up, that gives The Last Unicorn its depth.  I'm sure Beagle will have much more to say on the commentary track.

For animation lovers, this will be the movie event of February.  Start saving your nickels and dimes, kids.


Katie said...

I recently purchased the new dvd release of this movie- it was in the bargain bin for 7 dollars. This movie has always been a favorite of mine. When I was a little kid, I would rent this movie whenever my parents took me to blockbuster(lol!) and watch it over and over again. I still this its a great movie. It has its cheesy parts of course, a lot of the songs and some of the voice acting, for example. But I think its very sincere and leaves you with a lot to think about.

Aims said...

I totally agree with Katie's comment, I love this film when I was little too! Can't wait to get it on blu-ray :)

greentea said...

Alas, I have no Blu-ray player...

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