Arrietty Now Playing in France

The Borrower Arrietty is now playing in theaters across France.  This is the first Western country to carry Studio Ghibli's latest feature film, which is something of a tradition.  Not only are the French among the most devout followers of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, they share a rich heritage of animation that rivals Japan.  The rest of the world should be seeing this movie on our screens by summer.

Have any Ghibli Blog followers in France seen Arrietty?  What did you think?  Feel free to share your impressions on this post.


beyond said...

You can read French review.

Arrietty seems to have done a good start in Paris.

Interview with Yonebayashi and trailer in French dub.

totorosk8 said...

Hi, (sorry for my bad english...^_^)
i saw it two days ago, and i really liked it.
Of course this is not a big story like Mononoke, Chihiro or Castle in the sky... but this was not supposed to be so. (maybe, I wan't a new big story like that, that's why...!)
Anyway, i really enjoyed it, the story is nice (the end, come maybe a bit too quickly, i mean maybe not as prepared as in another Ghibli) and the picture is just beautiful! The focus on the details is incredible! Wow that's really beautiful! There's so many things to see on the screen. I must say that i hate to see foreign movies in French (and specially Japan Animation) but for this first view, i was able to focus on any details!
But next time for sure that will be in Japanese!

Now i just hope that they will make a new big story like in the past!

Debris said...

Ed io spero che arrivi presto in Italia!!


Baptiste said...

Arriety'song has translated in French for the film.
It's so worderfull !

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