Redcoat Discusses My Neighbors the Yamadas

YouTube channel Redcoat has published a great discussion on Isao Takahata's 1999 comedy classic My Neighbors the Yamadas. This program was made as a tribute to Paku-san's passing on April 5. The occasion is very sad, but the tone of this episode is cheerful and celebratory, highlighting many of the memorable themes and scenes from this great movie.

Yamada-kun remains one of the less popular and less known Studio Ghibli films, as most fans will prefer an action-packed fantasy adventure like Spirited Away than a low-key comedy that is adapted from a Japanese newspaper comic. But if you are willing to give it a chance, you will discover a movie that is upbeat, very relatable and very, very funny. Yasujiro Ozu would be proud, and probably a little jealous.

It's Paku-san. What more do ya want? Why else are you here? Go watch this video, then go watch the movie.

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