Tokyosaurus Talks The Next Hayao Miyazaki Movie

YouTube channel Tokyosaurus has posted a short video describing the details of Hayao Miyazaki's upcoming feature film, "How Do You Live?" Regular visitors to Ghibli Blog will already be familiar with the details, as we have reported on Monday. There is a short look at the book on which the movie is adapted, some speculation on how Miyazaki will adapt it to his tastes, and expectations on when it will be completed, or even if the director will still be alive.

As always, it's far too soon to speculate on anything, and we should not expect to hear many announcements from Studio Ghibli during production, which formally began in October.

The final, "final" Miyazaki movie? Well, maybe. Then again, maybe not. The only deciding factor is how much time he has remaining. Let's hope and pray that God gives us all a little more time together. You already have John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Prince and Bowie! You can wait for Miyazaki for a little longer.

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