Mary and the Witch's Flower: Early US/UK Reviews

Mary and the Witch's Flower

Although it won't arrive in US theaters until late this year, Mary and the Witch's Flower has received a couple of early reviews from online critics. Tasha Robinson at The Verge praises the movie highly, saying that it "feels like a complete continuation of [Studio Ghibli's] work. It is a welcome relief for every animation fan who thought that particular era of Japanese animation had, after 30 years, quietly come to a close."

Across the pond, Germain Lossier at Gizmodo UK promises Mary is "destined to become one of your favorite animated films. He continues: "The movie may look bold and weird, but Mary's story is such a sprawling adventure, the juxtaposition of the two keeps the whole movie fresh. Just when you think it's going one way, it goes another, and that only adds to the whimsical feeling that pervades throughout the movie."

American animation distributor GKIDS has secured the US distribution rights, and will give the movie a limited theatrical release in time for Oscar season at the end of the year. Similar releases in the UK and other territories are also expected in the coming months.

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