Studio Ghibli 1996 Calendar Illustrations

Starting in 1996, Studio Ghibli has issued an annual calendar featuring original artwork based on their movies. These are excellent collectors' items for casual and die-hard fans alike. Many of these illustrations have also been used for official merchandise, including DVD amd Blu-Ray cover designs.

Dedicated Ghibli Freaks will recognize many of these illustrations, including the Pom Poko design which appears on the newly-released Disney Blu-Ray. I have a Japanese jigsaw puzzle with the Totoro design, and the Omohide Poro Poro illustration (shown above) appears on my Region 2 DVD.

Unfortunately, these illustrations in my possession - they've been sitting on my desktop PC for years - doesn't include the calendars themselves, only the drawings. That means I don't know the precise order. Not that it matters much. I'll just shuffle them around for no good reason. 

The rest of the 1996 calendar appears below the jump break.


1337haXXor said...

I use the images from the calendars from 1996-2003 as a rotating background, they're all so beautiful!

1337haXXor said...

Oops, think I double posted, sorry!

daniel thomas said...

Triple-posted, actually. But who's counting? :)

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