Overnight Thread (Hedgehog in the Fog)

Tonight's Overnight Movie will by Yuri Norstein's 1975 masterpiece, Hedgehog in the Fog. I absolutely adore this movie. I placed it at #2 on my Ghibli Blog Animation Poll Top 20 list. No doubt it's a favorite of yours, as well. And if you've never seen this meditative, imaginative gem...sit back and prepare to be amazed. We often speak about hand-drawn animation as though it were an endangered species. But what about Yuri Norstein's unique style of animated cutouts?  Who will carry on this tradition to the future? In all of cinema, Norstein is a true original, wholly unique. And when he is gone, we shall never see his likes again. I pray that day never comes.

Today, Ghibli Blog resumed its normal programming schedule, and traffic has been very good. Miyazaki's On Your Mark on LaserDisc was the most popular individual post, although we are seeing a shift in how visitors read this blog, towards reading the home page and away from individual posts. I'm busy trying to share the love on social media: Facebook and Google+ and YouTube. Reddit continues to frustrate me when they won't cooperate. We get a lot of traffic from Reddit, but they are a mercurial bunch.

Tomorrow, we have a big surprise ready for you. You're going to love this one, and it's going to take a while to digest. Be sure to share and tell all your friends about us.  And if you enjoy all my hard work, please drop a couple coins into the tip jar at the top-right of the screen. Much thanks.

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