Overnight Thread (Akira US Trailer)

Today was a busy day for me personally, including my latest visit to the dentist's office since my two periodontal gum surgeries in December and January. Ugh, I did not enjoy that experience. It was an endurance test, for sure. Most of the drugs didn't help much, either, except for some "knock out" drugs that caused me to, basically, black out for 12 hours after the surgery.

So let that be a lesson to ya, kiddies: Brush and floss your teeth! And stay away from the sodas. Those things burn through teeth like acid. You don't want to have to undergo gum surgery.

Anyway, today was a slow day for Ghibli Blog, but we did post an interview with Goro Miyazaki, where he discusses his career and complicated relationship with his father. And don't forget the Totoro poster; or perhaps you prefer my own artwork.

For tonight's movie, let's watch the US trailer for Akira, one of the all-time anime masterpieces. This is the Streamline Pictures version, the one most of my generation grew up with, so it remains a personal favorite. Yes, it's good to have the Japanese soundtrack on our DVD and Blu-Ray discs today, but there's something to be said for Streamline's US voice actors. For us Gen X'ers, Akira will probably forever be the "definitive anime movie." Which is not to say it's the best; just that it had the biggest impact on our lives at the time.

Anyway, keep sending in the news tips and comments. It's always appreciated.

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