My Neighbor Totoro Poster For Sale: "Near the Camphor Tree"

Artist AJ Frena's "Near the Camphor Tree," is an excellent painting inspired by the characters of My Neighbor Totoro. Created with giclee print on velvet fine art paper (16"x20"), a limited run of 75 prints are available for sale. Each print will cost $40.

You can purchase this piece at Bottleneck Art Gallery. Fresna previously created an illustrated print inspired by Princess Mononoke.

I really like this painting. There's a strong graffiti influence in the lines and movements. I could see this on the side of any building in any major city. And there's just a hint of danger in Catbus' eyes, just a hint of things not seen. The ruins of an old bicycle in the foreground offers a contrast against the eternally dominant forces of nature. Cities rise and fall, and the trees reclaim the land. It's a very Miyazaki-esque theme.

If you're interested, be sure to pick up your print while it's still available.

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