Heidi Kart - Mt. Uncle

Reader Vinicius Pires passed along this terrific and funny mash-up of Mario Kart 8 and an episode of Heidi, Girl of the Alps. The bananas are an especially nice touch.

Now can we please discuss when someone intends to release Heidi in the USA? The Blu-Ray box set has been available in Japan for a couple years now, fully restored from the original 35mm camera negatives. Every other country in the world grew up with this anime masterpiece. Everyone except the Americans. An English language dub exists for broadcast in India, and a fan translation was released last year. This is not an impossible problem to solve. It only requires willpower.


Chris Sobieniak said...

I wish I had that. Worst I've noticed lately is some French company that has created a cheap CGI remake of the original series they're trying to peddle to the world alongside their remakes of Maya the Bee and Vicky the Viking.

It never stops!

A. said...

Don't think it was ever shown in UK either. Many English speakers have no idea about it.

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