Check Out These Totoro T-Shirt Designs

Take a look at these terrific My Neighbor Totoro t-shirt designs, courtesy of art website TeeFury.  The first design is titled, "Spirit of the Seasons,"  and was created by artist "queenmob," and the second, "Totorofoot," was designed by artist "louisros."  The TeeFury site sold both shirts in a 24-hour flash sale for only $11, and allowed fans to vote for their favorite design.  I understand that the winner, "Totorofoot," will be available for a limited time at $18 each.

In addition, TeeFury offers a 12" x 16" matte cover for sale, and a chance to win a coffee mug, with these Totoro designs.  Very nice.  I do hope these items remain on sale for a longer time; it always seems that as soon as anyone learns about these short-term sales promotions, they've ended and left town.  Trust me on this one, folks: the internet requires a little time for news to spread.  Make these Totoro prints available for a few months and you'll be far more successful.

Thanks to Stephanie Wood at TeeFury for sending word to Ghibli Blog.  My apologies for not publishing this news item earlier; we've really had a crazy busy couple of days here at Ghibli Blog HQ, including Nakamichi cassette deck repairs, a job department relocation, and a sprained ankle (thank you very much, April Blizzard).  Oy, vey!  I really need to get paid for this website.

Anyway, visit TeeFury, have a look around, and pick up one of these excellent Totoro items while they're available.

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Anonymous said...

Those are neat. I think the top graphic is my favorite.

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