Photos - The Red Shoes (Criterion Collection, LaserDisc)

These screenshots come from the Criterion Collection LaserDisc release of Powell & Pressburger's masterpiece, The Red Shoes.  This is just about the best-looking LaserDisc ever released; if you have a picture-tube TV, you'll be amazed at the clarity and richness of color.  This is one of my favorite films, and any movie lover would be thrilled to include it in their movie library, on any format.

I took these photos on my 2003 Sony Wega 24" set.  This was the final series of CRT televisions made by Sony, and offered the sharpest picture of any SD on the market.  Even compared to today's LCD screens, this Wega looks impressive, and the best part is that these sets can be found for pocket change.

And don't even think of telling me to "upgrade" my TV because it's "outdated."  I already a 1995 Sony Trinitron, a pure analog set (the 2000-era Wega's are digital) with spectacular color.  They'll pry my CRTs from my cold dead hands!  Take that, LCD, Plasma, LED, 3D, Smart, and 4K televisions!

(PS - Yes, this is another shameless attempt to broaden my website's horizons by expanding into live-action movies.  Yes, it's self-indulgence.  But don't worry, Ghibli Blog is not abandoning animation anytime soon.)


Jon Clark said...

I'd love to have seen Powell Pressburger films on Laserdisc. Very cool.

Lionel Braithwaite said...

How did you take those stills?

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

How did I take the screenshots? Directly in front of a Sony Trintron 27" CRT. Simple as that.

And, yeah, the Powell/Pressburger movies look terrific on the old Criterion LDs. They look pretty amazing on the newer Blu-Ray's as well, but I have a certain affection for those old giant analog discs.

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