2014 Ghibli Blog Animation Poll Ends March 30 - Hurry Up!

Just a quick reminder to everyone to send in their ballots for the 2014 Ghibli Blog Animation Poll.  The deadline is March 30, so be sure to send me an email, or post on the official thread (as seen on the middle highlight column).

As for me, I am still working on my list.  There are just too many great animated films and too little space!  I'll continue to edit and tinker around right until the deadline.  I'm very impressed by the choices readers have submitted, how varied and inspired these choices are.

Remember: Top 20 animated feature films, shorts and TV shows.  Whatever you love the most, just go with that.  If Spongebob is your favorite cartoon, write it down!  If you love some obscure indie film that remains undiscovered, write it down!  There's plenty of room for all - the goal is to create a "snapshot" of where our heads are in 2014, and it's purely for fun.

Thanks to everyone for their support.  I'll be busy compiling the database and tracking the votes.

1 comment:

jFan said...

Dammit! Missed the deadline. NOW who's gonna give Batman: The Animated Series the love it deserves? Ah well. The result's will be interesting, I'm sure.

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