Posters - The Wind Rises (US, Japan)

As always, I enjoy sharing movie posters here on The Ghibli Blog, and since we're looooong overdue on our homework, now's the perfect time to show the US and Japanese posters for Hayao Miyazaki's final feature film, The Wind Rises (Kaze Tachinu).

The Japanese release used two poster designs, one for each of the main characters.  There are also standard and "wide" posters, which look really terrific.  I wish Studio Ghibli had made wider versions of their earlier movies.

The American and Japanese posters are essentially the same; the US version includes accolades and awards from critics, as is standard here.  The cleaner, less cluttered Japanese designs emphasize the painterly qualities of Miyazaki's film, and I have to say that I do prefer it.  I prefer to see the characters' faces, and the color contrasts are slightly better.  Indeed, I'd probably need both Japanese posters and hang them on opposite walls - a fascinating yin-and-yang contrast.

That said, the American poster is very nice and any Miyazaki fan would be thrilled to leave their hometown theater with one next weekend.  It's a major event, isn't it?  "The Final Hayao Miyazaki Movie" - Even if nobody really, REALLY believes the master has retired from feature film, you feel the need to be there, to celebrate the man and the moment.  I've long said that you must never take Studio Ghibli for granted, that each new wondrous picture might be the last.  Well, kids, that promise has now come true.

Probably.  Maybe.

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