New Miyazaki and Takahata Films Titled

Toho, the film distributor of Studio Ghibli's movies in Japan, has acquired domain names for Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata's upcoming films - "Kaze Tachinu" (The Wind Rises) and "Kaguya-Hime no Monogatari" (Princess Kaguya Story).  The official announcements on these films are expected in the coming days and weeks.

Kaze Tachinu is adapted from Miyazaki's most recent color comic, about the man who designed the Zero Fighter which was used in World War II.  Princess Kaguya Story is an adaptation of the Japanese folk tale, "Tale of the Bamboo Cutter."  This fable was referenced in Takahata's 1999 feature film, My Neighbors the Yamadas.

Thanks to GhibliWiki for the original news scoop.

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Hanna said...

I wonder what the artwork will look like in the bamboo cutter tale?

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