Photos - Total Recall (LaserDisc)

My adventures in LaserDisc continue, as well as my struggles to properly calibrate the light and color settings on my Sony CRT.  Why those jokers deliberately wrecked the factory settings on their televisions baffles me.  Have I finally succeeded in getting the right settings?  I hope so, because I'm getting tired of constantly hacking around.  I just want to watch some movies!

Here's the latest batch of screenshots - the THX "widescreen" edition of Total Recall.  I think it's looking pretty good, and the color appears more balanced.  Previously, everything on LD had an over-saturated, almost Technicolor look, and way too heavy on the reds (this is common with Sony TVs).  The picture is much more balanced now, with fine contrasts, not too bright or hazy, and colors appear more natural.  Now we're beginning to see LD look its best, instead of watered-down and low-rez.
I'm definitely planning to hunt down some Studio Ghibli discs, including the old Fox version of My Neighbor Totoro (for its older dub).  Thank goodness Japanese LDs are so cheap these days; unfortunately, there are no subtitles, which is a drag, but it's not the end of the world.  I definitely need more Looney Tunes.

More Total Recall screenshots after the jump.  What do ya think?

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