The Secret World of Arrietty Clips - That Wasn't So Hard

This Arrietty clip is one of my favorites, and definitely a terrific scene in the movie.  I love the sense of scale that Yonebayashi-san brings to this film, and the kitchen scene is loaded with great little bits of animation.  Also, this clip has very little dialog, which keeps the syrupy Disney overacting to a minimum.  Snark.

Only a few more days to go, folks.  I'm very interested in seeing how much attention Arrietty receives.  I'm of the belief that Americans view animation on purely functional grounds (animation as babysitter), and they remain highly resistant to foreign animation, especially anime.  Most folks are convinced that "all anime" is little more than naked girls, giant robots, and buckets of blood.  It's a bit strange, really.  Let's see if this movie can make progress on that front.


Anonymous said...

"animation as babysitter" - excellently put, haha! I'm going to have to quote you on that one!

"Most folks are convinced that "all anime" is little more than naked girls, giant robots, and buckets of blood." Yup, that's a reaction I have heard from people when I say I watch anime. Yet none of the anime I have ever watched contained any of these, because that's not the kind of genres I'm interested in AND, more importantly, because anime are much, much more diverse than that. And so much better than Western animation.

Stephanie said...

Do you know if it's a limited release? I don't see it listed anywhere in my area.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

@stephanie: Arrietty is playing on 1,200 screens across the US, which is still a fairly limited release. You may have to do some digging to find where it's playing. If I can find an online database of theaters showing the movie, I'll definitely share that.

Bemijaminji said...

When I try to describe Studio Ghibli films I try to not use the word anime because to me the term anime is almost synonymous with girls of impossible proportions in questionable attire. I agree that Japanese animation often deals with more complex issues while recently I would say that Western animation contains mostly dross aside from Pixar and the Kung Fu Panda movies. There has been go bit here and there in Europe like Persepolis, The Secret of Kells, and The Illusionist.

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