The Secret World of Arrietty Clips - Captured

The fine folks at Disney were kind enough to supply Ghibli Blog with a full list of their movie clips in promotion of The Secret World of Arrietty, which opens nationwide (US) on February 17.  I'll share them here over the course of the next week, although I don't really have a plan.  We'll just use the Schwartz and play it by ear.

No doubt you've already seen some of these clips on YouTube, so we have a nice surprise for you: Free Downloads!  This is really, really nice.  It's been a long time since I was getting any kind of swag from PR people.  Takes me back to the video game zine days.  Maybe I can get another writing gig at GamePro outta this.

Feel free to download and share the clips, everyone.  Think of this as Disney's way of apologizing for SOPA and PIPA.  Burn baby burn!

Arrietty Clips - "Captured"

Windows Media (.wmv) - Low - High

Quicktime (.mov) - 480 - 720 - 1080

Apple iPod (.m4v) - clip


Anonymous said...

Why spoil the movie now though? Doesn't everyone want to be surprised when they see it for the first time?

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Why, is this spoiling anything? I don't think so. These are pretty short clips, so I don't think Disney is about to spoil any surprises. Besides, Mary Norton's Borrowers books are out there. We're not exactly giving away the ending to the next Rocky movie here.

In the spirit of movie spoilers, then, here's another big one: Dark Helmet is Lonestar's Father's Uncle's Brother's Nephew's former roommate. Betcha didn't see that one coming.

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