Ghibli Blog Menu Pages Are Now Updated

The Ghibli Blog menu pages have now been updated and overhauled, whew!  My weekend fix-it project is finally finished.  Have a look around you'll find things are much easier to find.  After nearly six years, there's a small mountain of information available on this site.  The challenge is to make the most important information available to you easily and efficiently.

I really like the new logo designs, they fit in perfectly, they add a bit of color, and they help break up pages that, otherwise, would just be one long list after another.  As you can see, everything fits into five main categories: Studio Ghibli (you know who they are), Pre-Ghibli (earlier Takahata-Miyazaki anime), Anime Western (animation by everybody else), Live-Action (movies, videos and interviews), and Manga Comics (ya, know, comic books).  I probably spent more time this weekend coming up with good names than anything else.

I'm still thinking of adding a fifth menu item, a "Gallery."  This would be the main page for movie posters, maybe screenshots.  I would also like to include fan-made artwork, such as the Totoro Noir poster that everybody loves. My ideas aren't fully fleshed out yet, and I'd still have to figure out how to arrange such a gallery using a blog format.  It's a bit of a challenge, and one that might not be realized just now.  But keep in mind that it's something that I'm planning for the future.

So here ya go, kids.  Take a look around, read some of the essays, scan through some reviews, sit back and watch some videos.  There's a lot to be discovered, so have fun.

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