Mondo's My Neighbor Totoro Posters

 Mondo, the art collective branch of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, unveiled their first in a series of new Studio Ghibli movie posters last week.  As I'm sure you're well aware, My Neighbor Totoro was made available for sale for a short time, and sold out almost immediately.

Olly Moss is the name of the artist responsible for creating these Totoro posters, and they're both terrific.  The only difference between the two is that one is written in English, the other Japanese, with palette swaps complimenting the design.  I really love these posters; they're wonderfully stylized, capturing the appeal of the natural world, which is the real star of the movie.  Totoro's iconic face emerges out of the hills and trees.  Very nice.

Personally, I would hope that more prints could be made, to at least give people a chance to buy one.  There's no doubt that these Ghibli posters would be big sellers, especially to the international audience.  Yeah, I know, artists aren't supposed to be concerned about such trivialities as "making money."  It's a nonsense notion, an infantile notion.  Oily Moss and Mondo have earned their money; they should make their creations available to all.  I know I'd be thrilled to own a poster, wouldn't you?

Porco Rosso is expected to be the next Ghibli poster, although no specific date has been announced.  Expect it to arrive soon, as Mondo intends to release posters to all 15 of the Studio Ghibli movies playing at the Studio Ghibli Film Restrospective that is touring across North America this year.

In any case, here are photos of the new Totoro posters.  They look terrific!  Wish I could send Mondo some money for a poster print, hint hint.


ihorner said...

Quick correction, it's "Olly Moss", not "Oily".

Best fix the name if you want him to sell more prints.

I certainly do.

Emily said...

Ughghhhh those posters, they're soooo nice.

Alan Moore said...

I was very lucky to get one of the english versions for my wife's xmas present. They actually went on sale on December 16th, and the Japanese variant sold out in 2 minutes, while the English variant was gone in 5. I was giddy with excitement. We're going to get a frame made, and Totoro's getting pride of place in our house!

ggoodrich said...

Great Job for Olly Moss! I'm sure this poster will be a hit for a long period of time. The design was simple yet nice, and that’s what most collectors like!
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Megan Kearney said...

Ooh, I want one of these! They were literally plastered all over Toronto this past winter during the Ghibli retrospective at the TIFF lightbox.

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