The Making of The Ghibli Museum's Giant Robot

Now this is super cool!  These are video clips of the making of the giant metal robot that stands on the roof of the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Japan.  It's a very large and very impressive replica of the giant robots from "Castle in the Sky," which is itself a slight reworking of the giant metal robot from "Lupin III: Farewell, Beloved Lupin,"  which is itself an homage to the giant metal robot from the Superman cartoon.

In addition, the giant Superman Robot (as I call it) was swirling around in Hayao Miyazaki's sketchbook for years.  He was bound and determined to use it somehow, before finally settling on his premier movie for Studio Ghibli.

I do wish there was more footage of the sculptor creating this statue.  The person who uploaded these videos to YouTube has only posted these three so far.  I would love to hear the artist discussing the project in greater detail.  In any event, this is very, very cool.

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Mel said...

Fascinating!! I could watch this for an hour.
Is it on the JP bluray?

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