Lupin III Series One - DVD Box Set June 26

Discotek has announced that June 26 will be the release date for the Lupin III Series One DVD box set.  This is the original 1971-72 series, the original anime Lupin, and to many eyes, the best.  Yasuo Otsuka was one of the creative masterminds of the series, and he was later helped by his good friends and Toei Doga alumni Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata.  A 22-year-old Yoshifumi Kondo (Whisper of the Heart) got his big break on this series.

Why release Lupin III on DVD and not Blu-Ray?  "There's no point in doing the Blu-Ray.  The Japanese version looks worse than the DVD version, and we checked.  We're only going to do something on Blu-Ray if it's a significant improvement over the DVD.  It's a waste of money to just slap it on a disc. We would rather spend that money on more licenses."

I am sooo looking forward to this box set.  Hey, Discotek, I'm still available for essays or commentary tracks!

In related news, Discotek has also promised that more Toei films are coming soon...but which ones?  Obviously, you know I'm lobbying hard for Horus.  But all of the classic Toei movies are terrific - consider this a good time to finally get Puss in Boots (1969) and Animal Treasure Island from the Discotek website.


Anonymous said...

Great news as well! Never delved into the Lupin series beyong Cagliostro. I saw a cheap copy of the first movie Secret of Mamo on Amazon UK.

Gotta get that one! Will try to import this one for cheap. It would be nice if we see more Pre-Ghibli movies like Jarinko Chie and Flying Phantom Ship.

watkinzez said...

So looking forward to this! I'm completely unfamiliar with Miyazaki's TV work, so I'm about to go through Conan now and this later.

Mel said...

Lupin Lupin!!!!
I was going to grab the French series box sets but if this one looks nice I may just get it instead.

Will look forward to details. I hope it's a nice box and they're planning season 2 and 3 as well.

Ghibli said...

These series are an important milestone in Miyazaki-san's early work. Episodes 7-23 have so many ideas to his later works.
But why, oh why did they freeze the grain in the frames, leaving only the shifting grain around the moving object, during the BD transfer. It distracts the eye, subtracting from the viewing experience. This is the reason why Discotek is not going to do a BD release...

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