Heidi, Girl of the Alps - DVD vs Blu-Ray

Completing this trilogy of Heidi-themed posts, I'd like to show some DVD and Blu-Ray comparison photos.  I wish there were more shots available, but this is a good start.  You can see how sharp and colorful the new box set looks.  Details, textures and colors are far more vivid than ever before, and Heidi appears almost timeless.  This series could have been created today., and I'm amazed at the sheer scale of work that was required to bring it all together.  Is this the definitive Takahata-Miyazaki anime?  Add in 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother and Anne of Green Gables, and I'll proudly say, yes.

Studio Ghibli's movies are like wonderfully condensed short stories.  Heidi, Marco, Anne...these are the epic novels.


Anonymous said...

I hope these blurays inspire the fansubbing community to get cracking!

Ghibli said...

We got inspired some time ago, but this definitely adds an icing to the cake :)

ItchyScratchyUrr said...

god..damn it ALL TO HELL!!
they restrain a international treasure from its many prospective fans and then do this. I'm in a cage with a class of water put just out of reach- and a gorm'e milkshake just behind that!

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