Embattled Anime Industry Looks to Digital Streaming

An interesting and very informative article on The Daily Yomiuri Online about the North American anime industry's push towards digital streaming.  Their business, collectively, has taken some heavy blows in recent years, as online piracy has eaten away at sales and revenues.  There is hope that digital distribution will prove to be a salvation, as the changing media landscape throws everything into flux.

These are very interesting times for the anime business.  It will be interesting to see if Bandai's withdrawal from the DVD and Blu-Ray market in North America will reverberate to other companies, if this will lead to further consolidation, or further reliance on online distribution as a business model.  Stay tuned.

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Ghibli said...

An interesting read. Personally, on-line distribution (be it a very low-priced preview or a torrent download) is fine for titles of which I am curious. But once I've watched and liked something, I would very much prefer buying and possessing a physical item, such as a nice shiny BD disk with all the extra booklets and prints.

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