Marcee's Engagement Ring

Last night, Marcee and I spent a terrific evening at a small French restaurant in Bogota.  And Marcee now has her engagement ring.  It's now official!  If the USCIS is cooperative, she'll be on a plane to the United States in May, 2012, with the wedding in June or July.

Just for the record, I was sweating bullets when I proposed.  Short of breath, arms shaking, the whole works.  Thank goodness for the steaks and wine.  It really was a terrific restaurant.

To celebrate our engagement, there's free pie for everyone!  Enjoy!*

*You actually have to score your own pie.

Update (12/14): Reader Phil White from Cambridge, UK, very kindly brightened up the first photo.  What a wonderful gesture!  We are both humbled and moved by everyone's kindness.  And, look!  We can actually see what the French restaurant looks like now!  This was a wonderful place, perfect atmosphere, and was discovered entirely by chance (my first choice for a restaurant had closed down).  Our entire relationship has been defined by such moments of improvisation.

Thanks again to everyone for your kind support.


Anonymous said...

Ah, congratulations. I feel really happy for you both.

Anonymous said...

i don't usually post on your articles even though I check them regularly but this deserves a clap!

PS: Thanks for covering the JP bluray releases with the awesome covers. Since they have french and or english subs I plan to collect them.

James said...


Anonymous said...

Good news! Congratulations!!! :)

Heinz said...


iaa_i said...

congratulations :D

I wish you a happy life ..

Nancy Zhang said...

Congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

To Marcee and Daniel -

Endan omedetou gozaimasu!

hchap said...

congrats! I haven't commented before but I love the blog, and I wish you the best!

Hanna said...

ahaa congrats!!!!

master0f0z said...


hi_no_tori said...

You are a wonderful guy and you have created such a wonderful website. :)

... And I wish you both a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! (^_^)

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Much thanks to everyone for all the support. You kids who haven't been married have NO idea how nervous I was when I gave my "will you marry me?" speech. I was a bit surprised by that, actually. Thank God we had a bottle of red wine to tackle the nerves.

Oh, and the restaurant was completely discovered by accident - my first choice, an Argentinian restaurant, was closed down for the season. The last three years have been punctuated by last-minute, panic-inducing improvisations like that. One of these years, I'll learn the value of "planning and preparation."

Now, of course, comes all the heavy paperwork to convince the US Consulate in Bogota to let me bring Marcee to the States. Winning!

Bridget said...

Congrats for making it a reality! My hubby confessed the same thing when he proposed to me. It's funny looking back at it, and seeing my engagement ring nestled wonderfully beside my wedding band is just overwhelming. I'm sure Marcee will feel the same come June or July!

- Bridget Rossi

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