From Up on Poppy Hill: The Official Art Book

From Up on Poppy Hill: The Official Art Book

In keeping with tradition, Studio Ghibli will be publishing an official art book of their latest feature, Kokuriko-Zaka Kara.  It has been christened with the movie's official international title - From Up On Poppy Hill.  I've always enjoyed the litarary quality to Ghibli's titles, their flowery prose.  I like this title, it flows.

The Ghibli completest will want to have the art book in their collection, particularly if you're not willing to wait another year or two for Kokuriko to arrive in your country.  I'm sure we'll see a Western publication at some point (Viz is the American publisher of the Ghibli books).

I'm honestly not certain if these screenshots come from the art book, or from another source.  These were sent to me by a Korean blogger, and he didn't give any additional information.  In any case, we're grateful to have every scrap of new information about Goro Miyazaki's latest film.  It looks terrific, very similar to Mimi wo Sumaseba.  I continue to marvel at the idea of animation that's devoted to daily life, not fantasy.  It's a uniquely Japanese anime concept.

Animated feature films aimed at girls...what a unique concept.  When is Hollywood going to try that over here?  All we get at the multiplex is 1950s housewives, toy commercials, and Star Wars.  And it's all pitched at boys.  A few more options would be desirable.

From Up on Poppy Hill: The Official Art Book

From Up on Poppy Hill: The Official Art Book


beyond said...

The painting of the cover of THE ART OF is inside of the clubhouse. Probably it was designed by Hayao Miyazaki and was painted by Yoji Takeshige Spirited Away Art director. This clubhouse is called Quartier latin(Latin Quarter, Paris) by the students. This film is affected by French culture.,_Paris
The appearance of this building is printed on the cover of the storyboards.

Screen shots of raining scene is from press sheet distributed at a preview.
The painting of a bridge is an image board not screen shot.

Studio Ghibli will hold Kokuriko-zaka Kara Original Drawing Exhibition from July 23 to 28 at Seibu Ikebukuto Tokyo.(neighbor of Ikebukuro Station)
Handbill same design as poster

Ghibli displays more 100 original drawings, Hayao Miyazaki's image boards, Goro and Kondo's design sketching, background paintings and art boards etc.
This exhibition links THE ART OF Kokuriko. Ghibli distributes newspaper club's Weekly Newspaper Quartier latin which Umi reads in the film to all the visitors.
It says "We protest by the diving of the tradition", "Desperate resolution for continuing Quartier Latin!!".
So, you can understand why Shun sudden falls from the sky in the teaser.

Espiox said...

Because it wouldn't be a post on the Ghibli Blog without a rant about all other animation.

Cory Gross said...

I couldn't help but notice the rant about the lack of animation directed towards girls right beside a link to the blog's own article on the Disney Princesses. If anything, a big problem in Hollywood is that it's too rigidly governed by demographics.

When Walt was alive he would strive to make films that could appeal to the whole family. Now it's all boys films or girls films or tween films or whatever, coinciding with an overall drop in quality.

One of the things I do enjoy about anime is the diversity in genres to be found, including daily life stories. However the stuff isn't absent in Western animation either. Like Western live-action films, our industry is dominated by Hollywood and all its foibles. But there is plenty of unique Western animation out there (Sita Sings the Blues suddenly sprang to mind). Also, don't forget that Japan has its dregs as well... There is plenty of drek that doesn't get over here because its just SO bad that no one would buy it.

Sorry if it seems like there is some picking on opinions here the last couple days, but being interested in Japan (I'm currently writing a school program on its history for the museum I work at, for example) I'm nonplussed by "everything about Japan is better than anything about America" talk... and I'm neither Japanese nor American. It's possible to like anime and Ghibli without hating on everything else.

pranksalo said...

Thanks for the pictures. I can't wait to see the movie.

I beg to differ about Hollywood not releasing animation films that illustrates girl power.

Disney: Mulan & Tangled

Pixar: The upcoming Brave, the teaser trailer is gorgeous

Priscila said...

Hey Ghibli fans!! i'm one of you haha! since i watch spirited away i become into a Ghibli-Holic i have all the movies and my biggest dream is go to the Museum on Japan.. I'm 17 years old my name is Priscila and i'm from Mexico..
As u could imagine here in Mexico the movie shops doesn't have all the movie collection.. so i only have 14 movies.. :(
I would like to buy Karigurashi no Arrietty but here is not available yet..
Seriously my role model is Hayao because i love his style and his way to radiate us his love & thinking through his movies <3

haha by the way.. i can't wait to watch From upon the poppy hill!!
i'm so excited!!

Grettings from Mexico, Ghibli fans i love y'all :)

Priscila said...

hoping u didn't notice many grammatical mistakes haha :P


Anonymous said...

Ogata-san, over at his eBay store "Edo-iki", has posted some sample photos of pages from this art book (long link - manually upwrap):


Alex said...

Wow, I'm impressed, the cover is awesome !

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