Miyazaki Comics - The Return of Hans (1994)

To start off the work week, I wanted to share another one of Hayao Miyazaki's comics (manga) from Japan, The Return of Hans. This story appeared in Model Grafix Magazine, in March, April, and September, 1994. This full-color comic runs 15 pages in all, and is packed with action, adventure, and romance in true Miyazaki fashion.

As you can see, the hero of this character is a pig, like Porco Rosso. This character is one of Miyazaki's common archetypes, appears in many of the director's comics, and usually is intended as a self-portrait. In this story, our Pig is named Hans, and he is a German tank engineer who wishes to defect to the Allies and avoid capture by the incoming Russians. During his journey, he discovers a broken-down Panzer tank, and repairs it, bringing along an ever-growing collection of refugees - including Rosa, the heroine and love interest (Miyazaki's Heroine again), her grandmother, and her dog.

I'd like to see Viz publish these Model Grafix comics here in the US. It's a shame that this arena of Miyazaki-san's career remains largely undiscovered by the West. We'll have to change that awareness. The Return of Hans, all 15 pages, lies just after the jump break. Remember, this comic reads right-to-left...Enjoy!


Mike Nassar said...

you've got a wonderful blog. thanks for posting this stuff. Wonderful comics and watercolors I've never been exposed to before.

Ghibli said...

Thank you, especially for that elusive page #10!

Kajino P said...

Hi Daniel,

This is something I made back in 2005. Took me a freaking lot of time, but I think the result was worth it. Wouldn't have the time anymore, hence the lack of updates (good to see you're continuing blogging on Ghibli though). However... I actually deliberately removed it from Doesn't matter anymore, as it's now wide in the open, but could you please at the copyright remarks I added which you can find at the link below?


Peter van der Lugt

Unknown said...

you guys are my heroes! I love miyazaki's manga art. beautiful. thank you

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