Studio Ghibli Production Diary Resumes

Studio Ghibli's production diary has finally resumed after the Japanese earthquake-tsunami. The entries reveal the studio's activities during the crucial days after the tragedy. The latest entries are as follows:

March 14 - An emergency meeting was held. It was decided that Ghibli would have a temporary holiday (as a result of the earthquake).

March 16 - A meeting was held again. The combination the working hours of the staff (to work in double shifts due to rolling blackouts) was decided.

March 17 - At 11:00 am, all staff members gathered in the first floor and gave a silent prayer of one minute. Hayao Miyazaki spoke a powerful message and all staff members promised to commit to Kokuriko-Zaka Kara's completion.

(March 18) No calls or e-mails from outside companies will be answered. (Miyazaki and Ghibli will make a statement at a future time.)

Thanks, as always, to T. Ishikawa for his tireless work. He's really hustling for that Hickory Farms gift package, isn't he? We'll be sure to send him something nice.

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