Shot Comparisons - Nausicaa Japan & UK Blu-Ray

This page uses a rollover effect to compare the Japanese Nausicaa Blu-Ray against the Optimum UK version. The difference is striking, not only with 35mm film grain, but color tones.  The American version, thankfully, is far closer to the Japanese disc, and looks all the better for it.


antmumford said...

I'm going to be really controversial now and say that the UK release looks a lot better. Although film grain looks good for old live action films, for animation though I think it should look as clean as possible. According to that screen comparison the UK one is much clearer and better in my opinion. *prepares for backlash*

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Thanks for the insights. I suspect the controversy over film grain on the Ghibli BDs will continue for some time. Many people enjoy that "film" look, and many others enjoy a cleaner, smoother look.

I've read quite a few defenders of the UK Nausicaa online, so you're not alone. What matters most is that you're happy with the picture that you're seeing on your television, and that we're all able to enjoy Nausicaa in 1080p.

Thanks for writing and visiting, as always.

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