Photos - Animal Treasure Island

Good Lord, yet another massive Storm of the Century is roaring across the American heartland.  Time to hibernate indoors and watch Animal Treasure Island and spin some records.  So I'm throwing up another batch of killer screenshots, just because I can.  This is clearly the most "Miyazaki" of all the Toei Doga films, and certainly the zaniest, thanks to the teamwork of the entire Toei crew as well as old friends Yoichi Kotabe, Reiko Okuyama, Akemi Ota, yadda yadda.

Is this movie sitting in your DVD collection?  If so, terrific, I hope you're showing off for everyone in sight.  If not, why not?  What are ya waiting for?

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dokeck said...

rewatching it on youtube. I saw this film as a child. It seems as good as I remember it (quite rare when you remember childhood movies with nostalgia) Younger Miyazaki movies (dont know how much he was involved in this one) are the best, Laputa is the greatest.

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