Arrietty in France, Week 3: Holding Steady

Courtesy of Box Office Mojo
, Arrietty le Petit Monde des Chapardeurs has finished its third weekend in French cinema, and continues to hold steady at the box office.  The weekend of January 26-30 places Arrietty in 7th place with $1,100,224, a 13.3% decline from the previous week.  Per-screen average stands at $4,090, the third highest on the charts.  The number of movie screens showing the film continues to rise, adding 17 screens for a total of 269; this is still roughly half the number of big Hollywood movies like Hereafter, Season of the Witch, and Tangled.

If Arrietty can keep up this pace, it may match Ponyo's box office performance in France, $6,901,818.  It should be close, and this can only be counted as a victory for Studio Ghibli and Arrietty's young director, Hiromasa Yonebayashi.  Now if only the rest of the world could get to watch this movie on the big screen.  Australia and the UK are still planning a 2011 theatrical release, while Disney has kicked the North American release to next February (if at all).

Oh, and don't forget that the Blu-Ray will be arriving in France (and presumably Japan) this summer.  One way or another, we'll be able to see Arrietty this year.

(Edit: Okay, I can't remember which year I'm in.  That's always helpful.)

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Anonymous said...

"Australia and the UK are still planning a 2010 theatrical release"

Can't wait to get in my time machine and go see it!

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