Poster - Horus, Prince of the Sun

Yeah!  I found another movie poster for Horus, Prince of the Sun.  One of these days, I'll finally track down one of these vintage posters for real.  This one strikes a nice action pose, and the larger, wide format is a welcome change of pace.  This is an exciting composition.  It's too bad that crummy bear is in the boat; as everybody knows, those cartoony characters were forced in by the Toei bosses, over the objections of Isao Takahata and company.

One of the great running jokes in Horus is the way Koro (annoying bear) and Flip (annoying child) are endlessly bullied and beaten down.  By the end of the movie, Takahata has literally buried them in a snowstorm.  He probably would have fed 'em to the wolves if he had the chance.

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