Ghibli Blog v3.0 Ready to Go!

Alright, I think the new improvements will do nicely. The weekend project is just about done (for now)!

I can see that the menu items are already being noticed, and it's now easier than ever to read your favorite reviews and essays, watch videos, and download movies. Videos and selected blog posts are on the middle column of the main page, and these will be rotated around from time to time.

For now, I wanted to highlight Yoshiyuki Momose's three Capsule videos, which are probably my favorite Studio Ghibli short films (and unseen in the West, like all the studio's shorts); Momose's latest video, 2009's Piece; and Dore Dore no Uta, one of the catchier songs I've come across, drawn and animated in Ghibli's Yamada-kun style that I enjoy so much. These films look spectacular when playing on my Sony HDTV, courtesy of the Short Short DVD. Now you'll be able to watch these right on the blog.

One more change I'd like to make: a Ghibli Blog Logo. If anyone skilled in Photoshop would like to help out, I'd greatly appreciate it.

UPDATE: A logo should be 500 x 150 pixels and transparent. Be creative. We'll try everyone's ideas out.


iaa_i said...

Hello ..

this is what I have been working on the the ghibli blog logo ..

I hope you like it .. let me know if you had something else in mind ..

and this on is transparent you can resize it and put it anywhere ..

good luck ..


Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Daaaamn! That's pretty impressive! Thank you so much for your effort.

Here's what I will do: If many people submit their creations, I'll share them all here on the blog. Perhaps make a contest of it? This is an excellent opportunity to bring this community together.

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